Global Poetry


Intelligence has its price



I’m asking

if there’s more than one earth at universe

I’m asking

if people can be as happy to forget how pain feels

I’m asking

if dead people are able to feel hate, when they watch us on earth

I’m asking

how to describe a color so a blind man can imagine it

I’m asking

where’s the sense in life

I’m asking

if plants are able to think and feel

I’m asking

if humans are real and not only vibrations or spirits

I’m asking

what cats see what we can’t see

I’m asking

if animals feel abasement

I’m asking

what’s the last thought before dying

I’m asking

who contrived time

I’m asking

what’s living in the deep seas

I’m asking

if life is just a movie

I’m asking

if emotions are only chemical reactions

I’m asking

if love and hate are equally strong

I’m asking

if people will ever find out






oh let me forget what was all the time

just gimme a moment thats all alone mine


wanna live and breathe

wanna love and believe


oh let me have fun in life again

just gimme a chance to be happy then


wanna play and win

wanna live without sin


oh let me change my terrible past

just gimme a new memory fast


wanna be star on stage

don't wanna die on my age!





Theres someone knowing you like noone ever did

Like an old wise creature

Prooving its knowledge every day

Its acts and thoughts similar to yours


Loving you with all your faults

Its going insane

By just imagining it may loose you


Being there whenever you need it

Sick of sorrows when seeing you suffer


Its not always being best friends

Its not always a bright smile


But its always knowing where to belong




regret your desicion


life is demanding

just don't know why

keeps on hurting

everything's a lie


let me out of this

don't make me cry

you are what I really miss

I just wanna die


do you know you' re torment me?

make me freezing cold ?

why was I to blind to see?

my heart's feeling old...


don't know what to do now

cannot stop my worries

cannot stop to think 'bout you

I am really sorry


nobody ever asked me

if I wanna feel that way

Am I goin crazy?

I'm not gonna stay


sometimes I wanna wait for you

sometimes my heart says 'no'

don't know what I'm gonna do

better pack my things and go


never felt like this before

I just wanna jump

can't have a single chance more

don't wanna feel so dumb


you're not listening what I say

or why don't you change my mood?

don't you feel it my way

I swear ist feels so good


why can't everything just be good again?

so I don't have to care

would be perfectly happy then

would be satisfied everywhere


I can't believe what you did to me

I won't forget it honey

some time even I will see

that some time's also sunny


Hope you don't forget our time

hope you're gonna suffer

hope you're gonna miss me

you damn foolish bluffer!






Suffering whole lifetime long

--> 's not what lifes expected to be


Worrying 'bout everything

--> 's not what god made plans for me


Doubting everything that doesn't make sense

--> 's not what makes me happy lastingly


Thinking 'bout all that gigantic expense

--> 's not how I waste my energy


Fighting gainst what shall be my memory

--> 's not my destiny!




A Call


This is a call

to everyone

and to those

who are not loving

(with heart and soul)

our greatest time in life

and who don't

look up to them

who still own it.


This is a call

to phantasie

to thank her for

taking care of them

and showing every day

that never knowing everything

is just given to us as a present

to keep us fighting..


This is a call

to sadness

beware of all the

things which are created by them

'cause they are surely full of joy

and dangerous for you

so you can nerver destroy their power.


This is a call

to childhood

never seperate from kids

be with every one of them

let them hold these world

in their little hands

to protect the rest of us

from giving up our spirit.

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